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JcValentine on the LA Times, August12, 2012. It's just plain mutilation, and it's stupid. Showing 1-20 of 1255 Live Cam Models - Online Now Searches Related to "ben affleck naked dick" Remove Ads The page you're trying to access: is not part of Pornhub.

I wish parents were more informed, my folks just thought it was what they had. Jay Schmidt on the Wall Street Journal, July 13, 2012 As a mutilated without consent person, I fully agree with the court. kensmith on the Telegraph, July 22, 2012 As someone who was circumcised as an infant without may consent, I will tell you to take you child-cutting apologism and shove. Maybe I'm just being a crybaby and I should instead focus my attention to starving children in Africa.

More painful than that is a sense of violation. . I hate that YOU deleted MY last comment like this. mflmarlton on the Huffington Post, June 30, 2012 Here's one male who's enraged over being mutilated, aka circumcised without consent.