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Average Age To Lose Virginity, made Man

It helps that its anchored by two of the finest performances ever to grace what is essentially a comedy about trying to get laid for the first time. And what about the woman?

And for good reason: its squealingly great. Few first-times can be as repulsive as that which Shannyn Sossamon s Lauren Hynde endures. I can't tell whether or not I am because he got all of the head in, but not much else. I have never done anything with a male, and the only form of penetration I have ever had has been a finger.

But there are enough shenanigans involving the horny young men and their quest for sexual gratification to comfortably seat it in the stone cold classic area of this particular list. Instead of harmless japery and the gooey coming-of-age that films like American Pie and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants sell, The Rules of Attraction was supposed offer a glimpse into the poisonous reality of American youth. They want to be able to prove to their future husband (or their first partner) that they really are virgins.