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San Antonio Gay Clubs : 10Best Gay Bars Reviews

Matt Sipala: If you want a lot of straight women who you DO NOT want to dance with, come here. The only gay club on the island is now the small but perfectly formed. Mat Xavier: Pablo "Bar Art" Herrera is THE premier bartender to see, and your continued patronage will only increase your drink satisfaction.

After many years away, this legend of gay Ibiza came back for 2016 in Carrer d'Alfonso xiii, right next. We called him that because he was a scrappy fellow, and also because he was a pyromaniac. These bartenders are fun and friendly! When : Mid June to the start of September.

More info, supermartX, the island's biggest gay-friendly club night and billed as the world's best party happening in the world's largest club. You'll meet some crazy characters at this night.