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He deals drugs, steals, street races, and that's not even getting into the kidnapping, blackmail, and attempted murder. Hamilton's The Night's Dawn Trilogy, there is exactly one bisexual: the satanic cult member/anti-Christ/messiah of the coming apocalypse, Quinn Dexter, whose sexual depravity is constantly shown as being one of the most important facets of his character. Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto.

His official occupation in Midnight Tides is to be the First Consort of the queen, but he also shares the bed with other male servants and his own son, who, at least, doesn't know that he is his son. This does not go uncommented upon. And he's one of the protagonists.

Needless to say, this was the motive for his murder. Offering exclusive content not available. Heavily implied with Rodrick Rand, the deranged movie star in the comic neo-noir Get Blank. Yugi: You're so depraved Yami: At least I'm not deprived.