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Why Its Important, if youve never checked or updated your privacy settings, then people you dont even know can see your posts. Be also aware of the ramifications of using your cell phone at school and discuss responsible behavior within school guidelines.

Before you roll your eyes, please know these guidelines exist to protect you! Thats also a good reason why you should face your problems instead of Facebooking them. If you want to share this information with a friend, do it directly by phone or text. You have to approach online friends (who you dont know in the real world) as a potential predator because even if it feels like you know them; you really dont know who they are.

Its not about telling you what you can and cant do its about offering guidelines to protect you from being ripped off, bullied, disrespected, scammed, or worse while youre just trying to have a good time online. Important Privacy Setting Resource Links: Facebook Privacy Settings twitter Privacy Settings control Visibility on Instagram. (This article is directed at teens. Even if you think you are being careful about what you post, its common for teens to post sensitive information without even realizing.