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Teen reveals aftermath of selling her virginity online, cNET

Fellatio is not permitted; the virgin is required to perform the sex act only once. We're definitely not advocating this practice, but as it stands, you can legally sell your virginity, at least in some parts of Australia. The winning bidder cannot: - Be intoxicated during their time with the virgin.

Which was charming of him, so much so that Alina has now chosen to reveal details of how the deal enjoyed closure. Your bid will be uploaded to the website within 24 hours of registration.

Note: If you cancel your bid, you will not be eligible to receive a refund of your initial one-off payment for registering as a bidder. Rules for buyers, for the purpose of this one-of-a-kind virgin auction, guidelines have been developed to create a safe, fair and enjoyable environment for all potential buyers. The best bid she managed to secure came in at 8,800 pounds, or just over 13,000.