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It has also become popular as a "dual use" cartridge in short, light rifles like the Old West lever-actions. "The 20th Century's Top Handgun Cartridges". 5 6, it is based upon Smith Wesson's earlier.38 Special cartridge.

This means that.357 Magnum chambered arms.I.P. The objective was to create a handgun cartridge that combined deep penetration, flat trajectory, and long range. 11 The cartridge headspaces on the rim of the case. The.357 revolver has been largely replaced by modern, high-capacity semi-automatic pistols for police use, but it is still very popular for backup gun use and among outdoorsmen, security guards, and civilians for hunting, metallic silhouette, target shooting and self-defense.

It was to accommodate these high-pressure, high-power loads that the longer.357, together with the stronger revolvers designed to handle it, was developed. Full power loads with good jacketed bullets and a heavy charge of a much slower burning powder can aspire to 2-1/2 inch (6.35 cm) groups with no great difficulty, and a good revolver firing loads it likes can also. This article does not cite any references or sources.