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Oscar (Irish mythology) legendary figure, son of Oisn and grandson of Finn mac Cumhall. Oscar (footballer, born 1991), footballer who plays for Shanghai sipg. On 70cm and higher bands, there are also ATV repeaters.

The International Radio Union Region 3 was formed in April 1968, special event callsigns and award mark the occasion. Repeaters on this band transmit between MHz with input frequencies at MHz. There are now nearly 1600 repeaters around the world connected by the internet through the internet radio linking project (irlp) 24 hours per day 7 days a week. .

There are 16 channels between 146.625 and 147.000 MHz, and 15 channels above 147 MHz. If you want to know more how repeaters work technically, duplexers, controllers, etc - see URL: Antomy Of A Repeater. Oscar, a nickname for, beast of Busco, a North American cryptid turtle.