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For manufacturers of perfumes and fragrances as marketing labels of perfumery production, and also as decor in show-windows of perfume stores, or as graphic design on pages of websites in online shops where it is possible to buy a French eau-de-Cologne. About sexual distortions which break perception and impression of absolute sensual beauty in shapes of female bodies. in total art concepts of the shown erotic drawings can be correlated to different directions and categories of the fine arts, but in essence drawings show the graphic arts, and each drawing is the aspiration to ideal erotic lines of a female body.

The shown erotic drawings of female figures can be applied as logos or name tags of lady's clothing or men's fashion, and in particular picture logos for brand models of clothing, or design tags of fashion and stylish couture. In essence desert figures of plateau Naska in Peru or stone landscapes of the Celtic labyrinths or spiral pictures of megalithic monuments in Khakassia, or other petroglyphs and rock engravings of the ancient world can not be considered as primitive. Sensual labyrinths in galleries on pages of website grow out mathematical and geometrical graphic calculations as a result of which erotic lines and drawing shapes in figures of female bodies are correlated with proportions of geometrical spirals.

About phenomenal images in usual shapes of a physical nature, namely about supernatural perception of aesthetic beauty in erotic figures of female bodies., and also pages of website represent one gallery of usual geometrical labyrinths which can be perceived as logic puzzles or erotic games. Beautiful Peony Mousepad.95.99, colorful Abstract Mousepad.95.99, pretty Birds Mousepad.95.99, tropical Beach Mousepad.95.99, ocean Sunset Mousepad.95.99, elegant Butterfly Mousepad.95.99, dragonfly Mousepad.95.99, cute Monogram Letter L Mousepad.95. For decor of fitness clubs and gym halls where women are engaged in shaping and body training, namely where women form beautiful female figures, as erotic drawings of the present gallery of labyrinths associate with fitness and sensual beauty of a healthy lifestyle. About subjective sensual comprehension of geometrical laws of a harmony and beauty which predetermine psychic perception of physical erotic shapes.