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Topless Danica Patrick in Swimsuit Calendar

Showing off her lean legs and toned thighs in full display, Danica was certainly looking like a tough chick pin-up girl in this photo. 15 Beach Babe, via m, this delightful photo shows. Danica somehow manages to get the perfect stride between dominating at a mans sport and still being absolutely gorgeous.

3 Open to Anything Via m Danica showed that she was open to any opportunity when she posed in this sexy shoot that featured her showing skin in an antique car. He stated that she has definite talent and that she has dominated every type of racing that she has tried.

Please try again later. Those calf muscles were something else! Im sure you just came here to see the hottest Danica Patrick pics and here you will find it wearing nothing than a bikini: Danica says that if she wouldnt be a professional racing driver, shed like.