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M: Strict Leather Extreme Leather Punishment

The World won the 1924. British Columbia sent the most detailed replies, of which the following are extracts:. Record signed by Warden and Doctor.". 6 See also edit References edit.

As a Professional Disciplinarian, I provide expert spanking services to people interested in spanking. He made no bones about his view that CP, which he preferred to call "spanking was essential in prisons.

Through the keyhole, he watched Governess prepare for her evening bath. Posted by billbank2002 on 02:57:52, i used a paddle made of 1/4" lexan and equipped with 13 holes to make the sting even more fiery. Whether you are a novice who would like an introduction, or a complete spanko ready to take the next step in professional spanking services, I will cater a session to suit your particular needs. (My youngsters were not yet that old.) So when he got to the house, we went in our bed-room, I stripped down to an athletic supporter, which is how I always got it from my dad, rubbed.